Some tricks I found when designing pages

Changing existing codes without understanding the basic logics of html language is a pain in the ass. From time to time I don't know how to add all the cool functions I like to the existing documents. Maybe I should have learnt html coding from the beginning...

But I did learn a lot of tricks when coding. Here I'll list a few.

1. Extracting images from word

I am sometimes too lazy to save screenshots and directly copy them to word documents. However, when I want to use the images again, the image quality I get by right clicking images and selecting 'export as picture' is always very poor. I tried to prevent word from compressing images by clicking file -> options -> advanced -> image size and quality -> all new documents -> do not compress images in file. But somehow it still didn't work.

Here's what I do. I copy the word document and add '.zip' to the end of file name. Extracting the file, you will find the high-resolution images in the folder in path word -> media. Very simple, how come I never knew!

2. Embedding pdfs in pages

I wanted to embed my portfolios in the webpage. There're several converters online that we can use to change pdf to html, but I am too lazy to download them. Instead I upload the pdf document to my repository and type in the following codes in the desired 'body' session of the portfolio html:



The pdf can be viewed without making the page too bulky, which is good. But the file does not work well on phones. And it always takes a long time to load. Is there a better way?

3. Embedding models in pages

There are some models that I want to embed in the pages which allow visitors to interact with. I tried exporting models from Rhino to Blender and to glTF format (which can be embedded in html), but it's not very ideal. So I then tried sketchfab.